13 “Friends” Quotes That Never Stop Being Funny

1. When Ross and Chandler couldn’t fit the couch up the stairs:

2. When Phoebe had to spell her name for a reporter:


3. When Joey introduced everyone to ~moo point~:

4. When Monica realized her first kiss was with Ross:

5. When Joey was a celebrity contestant on Pyramid:

6. When Ross was too slow at counting Mississippis:

7. When you realized that you’re actually Chandler:

8. When Ross admitted that he didn’t read the 18-page letter, front and back, that Rachel wrote for him:

9. When Joey tried to learn French…and failed miserably:

10. When Ross tried teaching Rachel and Phoebe about unagi by scaring them:

11. When Joey put on all of Chandler’s clothes and imitated him:

12. When Phoebe attended a charity event and did her part to help the children in need:

13. When Rachel spent $1,000 on a hairless cat, Mrs. Whiskerson, because it reminded her of her childhood:

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