The Big Bang Theory: 10 Relationships That Fans Knew Were Doomed From The Start

Penny and Leonard were made for each other, but there were other relationships on the show that were doomed from the beginning.

The Big Bang Theory has twelve seasons of relationships. Some were on and off, like Penny’s and Leonard’s, or gradually became something more, like Amy’s and Sheldon’s. While fans loved those relationships and saw potential in them, the main characters had other relationships that fans knew right away weren’t meant to be.


Penny and Zack were certainly better off as friends, and Leonard and Priya weren’t getting anywhere fast and had too many obstacles in their path. Nevertheless, while these relationships were doomed from the start, it taught the characters something, and they wound up moving on to someone better for them.

Missy & The Guys

When Sheldon’s twin sister Missy was introduced, Leonard, Raj and Howard were all trying to get her attention. While none of these attempts actually turned into relationships, it’s still worth mentioning as it was clear from the start that a relationship between one of the group and Missy would’ve been disastrous, especially when Sheldon was already trying to intervene in deciding who his sister would end up with. Missy did seem to like Raj, but because of Raj’s shyness, nothing ever happened between the two; it would’ve been a great storyline if something had, however.

Howard & Christy

Howard and Christy’s relationship was never going to be anything more than sex and materialism. Even more concerning was the fact that Howard was fine with Christy taking advantage of him. The two ultimately broke up after Howard’s mother threatened to cut Howard out of her will if he kept dating Christy; with money out of the question, Christy quickly left Howard. Fans knew this relationship wasn’t going to last very long!

Stuart & Penny

Briefly, Stuart and Penny dated in the second season of the series. They had a good couple of dates, except the first was interrupted by Sheldon and led to a debate between him and Stuart, which put Penny to sleep, and the second resulted in Penny calling Stuart “Leonard.”

Stuart was a good sport about the latter incident, understanding there were feelings between Penny and Leonard. It’s for that reason that she and Stuart weren’t really meant to be, but it would’ve been cool to see how a romance between them would have played out.

Alex & Leonard

One of the first things fans noticed was how oblivious Leonard was to Alex’s advances. She clearly had a crush on him and was doing everything she could to let him know that she was interested, which made Penny incredibly jealous. Alex may have been a better matched spouse for Leonard given they have similar interests, but she and Leonard just didn’t have the chemistry to make for a promising relationship. Additionally, he was in a committed relationship with Penny, and he wasn’t about to mess things up between them.

Penny & Zack

Zack was sweet and obviously cared about Penny, but their relationship was better off as a friendship, given the lack of romantic chemistry between the two. They could have fun together, but they never really pursued a commitment to one another. Fans knew that these two, while a fun pair, just weren’t meant to last, especially since Penny and Leonard were so obviously meant to be together. Besides, Zack and Penny each got their own happy endings, including spouses that they truly loved.

Raj & Anu

While Raj and Anu had potential, their relationship did start off on the wrong foot, especially since Raj had given up on true romance and was merely intending to settle down with anyone his father could find for him.

Plus, Anu’s practical approach didn’t offer much room for romance in the beginning of the relationship. It took some time for sparks to appear between the two, but in the end, it wasn’t enough to keep them together. Raj could have gone through with proposing to her, but it ultimately wasn’t meant to be.

Leslie & Leonard

While the two shared things in common, their relationship was never truly passionate, especially given Leslie’s practical approach and her tendency to be manipulative. Her rivalry with Sheldon didn’t help matters much, either. Later, she does want a serious relationship with him, but takes things too far by talking about children on their first date. She later had a friends with benefits relationship with Howard, and ended up dumping him, leaving Howard heartbroken. Leslie never really cared about Leonard, and often used him, leaving fans with the knowledge that the two definitely weren’t going to work out in the long run; though, fans would like to see a spin-off of Leslie’s life.

Amy & Dave

Dave was a nice guy, but he was a little too obsessed with Sheldon for Amy’s liking. On one of their dates, all Dave did was ask questions about Sheldon, which was the last thing Amy wanted at the time given she had broken up with Sheldon. He’s even present when Sheldon and Amy get back together, telling Sheldon to kiss her, and then leaving promptly, happy for the reunited couple. Hopefully Dave found someone else, as he deserved to be happy, too!

Raj & Lucy

Like Raj, Lucy also struggled with social anxiety. Their first date didn’t go so well, given Lucy snuck out of a bathroom window and left Raj. She’s up front about her anxiety with Raj, but Raj was still too overbearing with her, ultimately leading to their break-up.

Raj and Lucy’s relationship was awkward and wasn’t necessarily going anywhere; in the long run, they were better off apart, as they weren’t exactly the right person for one another.

Priya & Leonard

Leonard and Priya were all wrong for one another from moment one. Priya was certainly more interested in her career than in a relationship, and she never really accepted Leonard for who he was. Plus, the two never shared a real connection. Their relationship was also filled with various problems, including Priya’s parents disapproving of Leonard and Priya’s jealousy regarding Penny. They did attempt a long-distance relationship, but that didn’t end well when Leonard discovered that she had cheated on him. Fans knew that, given all the obstacles they were facing throughout their relationship, it wasn’t a good indication for their future as a couple.

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