12 “Friends” Moments That’ll Make You Say “LOL, Phoebe” And 9 That’ll Make You Say “Oh, Phoebe”

"I want world peace...Oh, and bigger boobs."

1. LOL, Phoebe:

2. Oh no, Phoebe, why?


3. LMAO:

4. OMG, no, Phoebe:

5. Hahaha, Phoebe:

6. Iconic, Phoebe:

7. Oh, Phoebe:


9. *sighs*:

10. Phoebe, no, you can’t just…:

11. Hahaha, Phoebe, this is iconic:

12. Literally LOL:

13. Oh boy:

14. *rolls eyes* Phoebe…:

15. OMG yes, Phoebe:

16. *shakes head*:

20. Phoebe, that’s not how it works:

21. Yes, Phoebe, YES:

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