23 Of The Most Underrated “Friends” Jokes That’ll Still Make You Laugh Out Loud

"Why is your family Ross?"

1. When Joey recommends his old family tailor to Chandler, and tells him to pass on this cryptic message.

2. When Monica and Chandler discover Ross is planning to surprise them with a bagpipe performance at their wedding, and they have this exchange.


3. When Ross tries to resurrect an old nickname, and Joey reacts like this.

4. When Rachel doesn’t understand that you have to settle at the end of a poker game.

5. When Phoebe knits a scarf.

6. When Joey tries to beat Rachel in a coin toss so she won’t go to Paris, and loses 57 times in a row.

7. And, speaking of coin tosses, when Joey comes up with this way to assign heads and tails.

8. When Ross makes this new year’s resolution.

9. When Phoebe discovered her nickname wasn’t just a pet name for anyone.

10. When Phoebe is trying to decide on a name for her third triplet.

11. When Joey is struggling with his status as a serial dater, and decides to confide in Chandler.

12. When Chandler made this joke that’s peak ’90s but somehow still lands in 2019.

13. When Rachel’s sister Amy couldn’t get Phoebe’s name right.

14. When Joey finds Rachel and Chandler eating stolen cheesecake off the floor, and has the most Joey reaction possible.

15. When Phoebe was on hand to answer this rhetorical question.

16. When Chandler can’t get Eddie to move out of his apartment.

17. When Chandler is overwhelmed by the friends arguing, and starts dancing to deal with it.

18. When Ross is so excited to get a phone call from Emily that he reacts like this.

19. When Chandler has a close shave with Joey’s electric drill.

20. When Amy found out she wouldn’t be the one to get custody of Emma if Ross and Rachel died.

21. When Monica and Rachel banged their heads on the wall, and Rachel said this line that probably went over your head if you were watching as a kid.

22. When Ross is trying to spy on Rachel’s date through the peephole, and Chandler says this.

23. And finally, this joke, which was a perfect way to end the entire series.


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