10 Times The Ladies Of “Friends” Were Iconic As Hell

"It's NOT that common, it DOESN'T happen to every guy, and it IS a big deal!"

1. When Rachel shut Ross down with this legendary line.

2. When Phoebe was the most relatable twentysomething in TV history.


3. When Monica was tired of everyone giving her relationship advice.

4. And when Phoebe made Rachel and Monica stop fighting over Jean-Claude Van Damme.

5. When Rachel kept it way too real during poker with the boys.

6. When Monica welcomed Rachel into the gang the only way she knew how.

7. When the girls gathered at Monica’s apartment on Valentine’s Day to burn their ex-boyfriends’ things.

8. When Phoebe was the most charitable woman in New York City.

9. And when Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel teamed up to win the Thanksgiving football game.

10. When Phoebe was transparent AF.

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