Big Bang Theory: 10 Hilarious Sheldon Memes That Are Too Funny

Sheldon's quirky, nerdy personality makes Big Bang Theory one of the most loveable and successful sitcoms. These Sheldon memes are too hilarious.

It’s the wackiest characters who get the most love in sitcoms, and Sheldon Cooper is unanimously accepted as the star of The Big Bang Theory. Without his crazy personality, the show wouldn’t have had the nerdy charm it was famous for and we should be thankful Sheldon was weird as we saw him to be.

He’s easily the most parodied character from the show, with hundreds of memes dedicated to Sheldon’s mannerisms. Anybody who’s watched the show will agree that Sheldon is hilarious, both intentionally and unintentionally. To illustrate that, here are 10 Sheldon Cooper memes that will have you rolling with laughter.


Is That A Compliment?

Unless you are in the same line of work as Sheldon (and we mean the exact same work) or something like a doctor who would waste their time diagnosing Sheldon’s endless imaginary diseases, then you are of no use to the world according to Sheldon.

He has no respect for anybody’s professions, much less for Howard, who was the victim of Sheldon’s put downs for as long as the series went on. And it doesn’t even matter if you’re good at your work, because ultimately it’s just not something that’s useful.

Well, If You Want To Get Technical About It…

We saw Sheldon feel love’s keen sting as early as in Season 4, but he never changed much. Falling in love made no difference to the man who took everything literally, and Sheldon was immune to any love goggles that would make him overlook anything he might want to correct.

For instance, Sheldon doesn’t believe love is floating around us, because there are just too many other things in the air for love to exist. It’s only after giving credit to nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor that Sheldon would even begin to consider love.

The One Weakness























The funny part about this meme is that Sheldon does understand sarcasm from time to time. In a Season 4 episode, he even had a record of the times he had gotten sarcasm right in the month – although he had an awful record of 8 for 28.

At times, Sheldon has made sarcastic jibes himself, only to not realize he is being sarcastic. It’s kind of strange how he never got the grasp of it, considering he generally took several hours worth of classes to perfect a flaw that he saw in himself.

Move Over, Barack

Sheldon knew how fear felt very well; he was bullied extensively in school and would run away whenever he felt danger was afoot. However, Sheldon knew no fear at all when it came to his spot.

He would move the ends of the Earth if he was denied his favorite seating area, and would ascertain a similar spot for himself wherever he would go. This would mean even Obama isn’t safe from Sheldon, since you can be certain Sheldon would just find his favorite spot in the Oval Office and kick the president out.

Driving Is For Losers

It’s more about how Sheldon doesn’t want to learn rather than it being a case of whether he can’t learn. We saw Sheldon drive Penny when she was in peril, making it clear he did understand how driving worked.

Per his own admission, though, Sheldon saw letting someone else drive him around as rewarding that person with quality time with him. Leonard was the victim of this “honor” from Sheldon for well over a decade, and Sheldon would annoy him further by playing lame trivia games in the car.

Say It Ain’t So

We as fans tend to latch on characters so much that we expect the actors to be the same in personality. In reality, Jim Parsons is a very nice guy who is always polite and is far from being a genius.

Even more significant is that the actor isn’t a fan of nerdy shows like Sheldon is, and it will be a shattering realization for a Big Bang Theory fan to find out that the biggest nerd out there isn’t even the smallest nerd out there. So, have we been living a lie this whole time?

Sheldon Machiavelli

Unless Sheldon did manage to get his hands on a time machine like he always wanted to, this picture really is Nichollo Machiavelli and not that freak from Caltech. Still, one would imagine Sheldon would like Machiavelli, seeing as Sheldon would endorse the phrase, “the end justifies the means.”

Sheldon goes crazy after something he wants, disregarding his friends’ feelings and only looking to accomplish his goals by not caring what he did to achieve it. We can be quite sure that Sheldon must have closely followed Machiavelli’s teachings.

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