The Big Bang Theory: 5 Best Relationships (& The 5 Worst)

There are plenty of love stories on The Big Bang Theory, from the wonderful... to the pretty darn terrible!

The Big Bang Theory has had a lot of relationships seen onscreen during its twelve-year run on TV. We started out with the Leonard/Penny question over whether they would get together, but the show has expanded into focusing on all the friends in the group and we’ve had quite a lot of relationships develop.

Not all of these relationships have sat well with fans, while others have been well received. With the show about to end very soon, it’s best to catch up on the relationships that made The Big Bang Theory worth watching and the relationships we didn’t enjoy.


10. Best: Howard And Bernadette

These two are the quintessential couple on The Big Bang Theory. While Bernadette isn’t really likable on her own, she does make a good partner to Howard, who had once been a creep beyond measure. Since these two have gotten together, we got our first glimpses for family firsts on the show.

They were our first wedding, the first parents, and the first couple to really grow up from the generally childish antics of the group. All in all, they bring the best out of each other. Howard finally became a sweet, caring man; Bernadette is more balanced when with Howard.

9. Worst: Leonard And Penny (The First Time)

When these two first became a couple, it was doomed for failure. Leonard had obscenely high hopes for Penny, after having formulated this perfect image of hers for years in his mind, and Penny could never live up to those standards.

Penny herself was too immature and emotional to take Leonard’s feelings seriously; it was like she was wasting both of their time. Leonard, who was generally very sweet, turned into a vicious, insecure boyfriend due to Penny’s dating history. They were both all over the place and needed to grow up and understand what relationships are supposed to be like. After a few years, they did learn that. But the first time they were together, it really wasn’t pretty.

8. Best: Raj And Lucy

Such a shame. This could’ve been the best couple out of a sitcom in recent memory. Raj, with all his issues with mutism and insecurities with women; Lucy, with all her social anxiety and crippling fear. They were on course for a beautiful love story, but this was cut short and promptly buried.

However, the time they did have is one for the books because Lucy was someone who needed the tender love and care Raj was there to provide. He brought her out of her shell to a great extent, and she had provided him with a relationship that was more than just having a girlfriend because he was lonely.

7. Worst: Kurt And Penny

We never saw these two being a current couple as they were always broken up whenever Kurt sprang up for an appearance, but it’s clear they were toxically awful. Kurt was nothing more than a muscle head who was too moronic to even be able to spell; a man like this could never enable Penny to expand her intellectual horizons.

Penny was always held back because of Kurt; whether it was acting jobs, or any job for that matter, money issues, and emotional blackmail. It’s a triumph for her that she shook this man’s influence off or she would’ve remained in mediocrity.

6. Best: Leonard And Penny (The Second Time)

Now that they’re married and will most likely make the choice of becoming parents in the future, Leonard and Penny have settled in the happily married life the former had envisioned when he first laid eyes on her.

They no longer have any relationship drama, and Penny had matured enough to have forgiven Leonard for kissing another woman while he had been away during Season 6. Unlike the first time, Leonard and Penny now talk about their problems and always work them out. This is a big deal, since sitcoms usually have people break up without having a simple talk to resolve issues. The marriage between these two is now a mutual team effort.

5. Worst: Raj And Anu

Signs point to these two being endgame, although plans could always change, and it’s a shame because Anu is among the worst possible choices for Raj. It’s the fact that she’s such a flat character that makes it disappointing.

Anu doesn’t have any significant traits that make her stand out; she also seems to make Raj question himself needlessly and act rashly. It would’ve also made for a more diverse coupling had Raj gotten together with someone other than someone from the same country as him. Even disregarding that, Anu is mainly a boring character with nothing noteworthy to offer. If they do get married, this marriage would be a humdrum affair.

4. Best: Raj And Issabella

You might think this is a random addition, but if you really put your mind to it, this could’ve been the best couple there was. We saw them in only one episode, but the cultural difference, as well as occupational differences, meant the exchanges between these two were gold.

Raj again got to show his sweetest side as he displayed his non-judgmental nature by accepting Issabella for who she was. The fact that she was older also could’ve enabled Raj to mature more; Issabella did seem to have that effect on him. Even for that solitary episode, the chemistry between these two was undeniable.

3. Worst: Leonard And Priya

To this day, it’s hard to see what Leonard ever saw in Priya. All she ever did was talk him down or treat him in a patronizing manner. Leonard shunned things he liked, broke off friendships he wanted to keep, and was all round treated more like a servant than anything else.

Priya herself seemed to only be in a relationship with him because she had no other options. The entire time they were together she looked for excuses to be distant from him and was ashamed to even be dating him. She wasted no time being unfaithful to him and he didn’t seem to care very much about that fact either.

2. Best: Sheldon And Amy

If you want to talk about true character development, then look no further than these two. Sheldon was as far as the sky is to the ground when it came to relationships and being a bigger person, but he’s achieved that thanks to the influence of Amy.

Amy used to be an emotionless robotic person who shunned all friendly connections or love interests before she came across Sheldon. It speaks volumes how these two are now married and looking to have children. It’s also incredible how “normal” they’ve become compared to when they could’ve been classified as anything but that. We all want to be a couple like Shamy, and it’s the best relationship when your partner helps you face the world and be pretty darn good at it.

1. Worst: Leonard And Leslie

This represented a time where Leonard would be in the worst relationship purely because he didn’t want to be alone. Let’s face it, Leslie Winkle was a thoroughly unlikable and all her characterization was of a person who was pretty selfish.

Leonard had no interest in her and only had her around so he could forget about his obsession with Penny. The poor guy did try to be a boyfriend to Leslie, but she made it clear she had no romantic interest in him. When they did try to be romantic, Leslie dumped him for the silliest reasons ever. He’s better off being with someone who can love him back.

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