10 Hilarious Big Bang Theory Memes That’ll Make You Sad The Show Is Ending

The Big Bang Theory is scheduled to wrap up soon, so here are 10 memes to get longtime viewers feeling nostalgic and a little sad.

It’s here, folks, it’s time for The Big Bang Theory to end. We’ve known this moment has been coming for a full year, but it only made us sadder that the inevitable finale is on its way. Now that we’re at this point, all we can do is appreciate the twelve years of laughter the show has brought our way.

To this end, we’ve compiled 10 memes that, while making you laugh, will also make you sad that we’re now going to be reminiscing about the show rather than waiting for a new episode to premiere. Let’s swallow that bittersweet pill and check out these memes, then.


10. Bit Of An Overkill

Being a multi-cam sitcom, the show employs a laugh track, and most of today’s viewers like to be edgy and complain that a laugh track is “telling them when to laugh”. The Big Bang Theory fans, however, aren’t so uptight and love the sound of laughter when a joke is made.

Although there’s no denying the sound is boomed louder than the joke itself, no sooner than a second after a character makes the joke, your ears are going to be banged up against some bombastic hooting of hilarity. But it doesn’t feel like a bad thing; it’s nice to hear laughter from the screen that complements the amusement we’re feeling.

9. About Time Already

In the penultimate episode that aired at time of writing, Raj got talked out of proposing to Anu, as Howard assured him he’d find someone. And yet, we’ve been hearing that for twelve years now, so it really has been way overdue. This meme will remind fans of the years of hope they’ve had for Raj to get a permanent love interest. It’s been such a bumpy road, but it’s a shame we never got to see it because he does deserve love. However, the meme also makes us recall the endless funny moments we’ve seen due to Raj’s antics in hopes of finally finding the one.

8. Sheldon Loves the Doctor

You might be inclined to think that this is a Doctor Who meme, but Sheldon is the one who’s making this funny in the first place. It makes us reminisce about The Big Bang Theory, too, as a Season 1 episode saw Sheldon in a panic over Penny sleeping in his spot in the morning, and the former was going insane over not getting to watch Doctor Who as part of his ritual. And who can forget this classic Sheldon Cooper line that conveys just how little he cares for someone else’s dilemma? He simply can’t bother, so he shan’t bother. Remember to give Sheldon credit for making “shan’t” a cool word again.

7. The Ultimate Insult

If you have been single since 2010, then you’re one of those unlucky dudes who will have to live with the knowledge that Sheldon Cooper, of all people, has had a girl longer than you. From Season 1 to Season 3, it was impossible to picture this guy ever even having a friend (other than Penny) who was a girl, let alone an actual girlfriend.

Raj said it best in Season 5 that, even if he did manage to find the love of his life, he’d still have gotten her after Sheldon Cooper. Although Shamy is probably the best couple on the show, this meme makes us nostalgic for the pre-relationship Sheldon, who was just so very oblivious and funny.

6. Now That’s A Real Pick-Up Line

Speaking of reminiscing about past character personalities, we wish Howard had kept that creepy (but very funny) trait of being a bit too overzealous in pursuing women longer than just three seasons. Bernadette is very easily the least likable person on the show, so Creepy Howard is definitely missed as the source of a lot of comedy.

Still, this version of Howard still lives on in memes, and this particular one is a classic from the guy, one that you can picture him saying to a woman. It’s not even that bad of a line, you just need to pull it off. Howard had the confidence of a lion when approaching women, so he at least had that part covered. It was the whole “not being creepy” part he had to work on.

5. Legendary Quote

It’s a wonder why The Big Bang Theory fazed out Sheldon’s epic quote of “Bazinga!” when the catchphrase had reached legendary status almost instantly. We haven’t heard him say it in years, but that won’t stop it from being immortalized into pop culture forever.

This catchphrase dominates T-Shirts, mugs, bags, and a whole lot of other merchandise that people are happy to pay for. It reminds us of that child in our hearts; the one who pranks people in obvious ways yet still finds a laugh out of it. Don’t worry, Sheldon, we’ll carry on the “Bazinga!” for you for years to come.

4. It All Started With The Big Bang

Every show you watch has that skippable intro that you always fast forward when watching an episode. The Big Bang Theory became the first show since Friends to make people excited for the cold open to end and the intro to begin, with the song always pumping us up for the hilarity to ensue. If we’re being honest to ourselves, the few seconds worth of intro lyrics taught us more about the actual Big Bang Theory than science class in school ever did. Now go back and watch the intro again, we know it’ll be stuck in your heads for days.

3. Waitress-ing Pays Well

You know what? After over a decade, we’ve just come to the conclusion that fate itself wanted Penny to fall in love with Leonard, and that’s why she could afford an apartment all by herself while two scientists with high-paying jobs had to share the one across from hers.

You know what? After over a decade, we’ve just come to the conclusion that fate itself wanted Penny to fall in love with Leonard, and that’s why she could afford an apartment all by herself while two scientists with high-paying jobs had to share the one across from hers.

2. The Simple Truth

Let’s get our wordplay game going strong by pointing out a simple truth through Pennywise the Clown of all beings. The Big Bang Theory fans know that Penny has an IQ of 97, frequently making her a target of Sheldon’s insults for not being so smart (plus, she’s given us many examples of her not being the sharpest one, too). If any character had made this meme in-universe, it definitely would’ve been Sheldon—who also would’ve ended the joke with a “Bazinga!”. However, we never thought of Penny as “dumb”; instead, her naivety and clueless personality only made her charming for fans to watch.

1. Reality Ain’t So Bad

Joke’s on the one who made this meme because we totally think Amy makes for a very attractive Star Trek cosplayer. Of course, even in-universe it was supposed to be played for laughs how Amy dressed up for Sheldon, so there’s no ill-will going on in this meme. What this does make us miss, though, is the crazy Amy we saw from Season 5 to Season 7. This version of Amy was overeager, finally having friends in her life and would go over-the-top in pleasing them. She’s mellowed down remarkably since then, but a Crazy Amy is always welcome for The Big Bang Theory fans.


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