8 Times Ross, Chandler, And Joey From “Friends” Were Problematic As Hell

Remember when Chandler dumped his camp girlfriend because she gained weight?

1. When Ross refused to hire Sandy as Emma’s nanny because he didn’t believe it was an appropriate job for a man to have.

2. When Ross didn’t get the annulment and legally stayed married to Rachel without telling her.


3. When Chandler fat-shamed Monica during their first Thanksgiving together.

4. And when he broke up with his camp girlfriend because she gained weight.

5.When Joey thought the best way to sabotage his student’s chance of landing a role was to make his character gay.

 6.When Chandler visited his dad’s drag show in Las Vegas and openly made fun of him for it.

7.And literally every single time he made a homophobic joke at his dad’s expense.

8.When Ross felt extremely jealous and insecure once Rachel had her own job.

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