16 “Friends” Moments That Prove Rachel Was The Most Savage Of Them All

"No uterus, no opinion."

1. When Rachel epically burned Ross in front of everybody.

2. When she lost to the guys in a game of poker and didn’t hold back her true feelings about it.


3. When Ross tried mansplaining pregnancy to her and she had NONE of it.

4. When she couldn’t help but yell at Chandler for ruining one of her dates.

5. When she questioned the importance of Ross’ career.

6. And when she made fun of him for whitening his teeth.

7. When Rachel wasn’t afraid to call her own sister out.

8. When she was about to pop and had zero patience for Ross’ priorities.

9. When she served the reaction face to end ALL reaction faces.






















10. When she was suuuuuper pregnant and didn’t want to hear one of Phoebe’s ridiculous stories.

11. When she didn’t understand Ross’ taste in baby names.

12. When she couldn’t stand Chandler treating women without respect.

13. When the chick and the duck ruined her beauty sleep.

14. When she stood up for herself when Monica lied to her.

15. When Ross tried to talk to her during an important fashion lecture.

16. And when she took the phone from him and hung up on his girlfriend, Julie.

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