Things That Happened In “Friends” That Make No Sense Now That I’m Older

The fact that they were in their twenties in NYC and they only went out to a bar like once.

1. First off, just the outrageous size of Monica and Rachel’s apartment in Manhattan.

I’m not saying these luscious apartments don’t exist, but could two 24-year-olds, one of whom worked in a coffee shop for a while, really afford this rent?


2. The fact that Richard knew Monica when she was a child and still thought it was okay to date her.

3. Moreover, Phoebe didn’t want Frank Jr. to marry Alice because she was twice his age, but everyone was fine with Monica and Richard.

4. The fact that Rachel and Chandler were introduced to each other for the first time on three separate occasions.

5. The fact that the gang had all of this free time to hang out at Central Perk.

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