12 Small But Really Annoying Inconsistencies In “Friends”

The one with all the inconsistencies.

1. Monica appearing to change her mind about the existence of soulmates in a matter of weeks.


2. Phoebe encountering her brother in season two, and it never being explained.

3. Monica forgetting that Ross told her when he lost his virginity.

4. Ross forgetting when he lost his virginity.

5. Rachel being pregnant for over a year.

6. David saying he lives in Minsk in Russia when Minsk isn’t in Russia.

7. Monica time travelling on her date with Pete.

8. Monica and Chandler saying “I love you” for the “first time,” twice.

9. Rachel and Chandler meeting “for the first time” on three separate occasions.

10. Ross forgetting that he doesn’t actually hate ice cream.

11. Chandler saying he can’t cry despite there being plenty of evidence to the contrary.

12. Monica’s wedding gift going from wrapped to unwrapped to wrapped continually throughout this scene.



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