11 Times The “Friends” Cancelled Ross Geller’s Entire Existence

"It's not that common, it doesn't happen to every guy, and it is a big deal!"

1. When Phoebe, Rachel, and Monica refused to take Ross seriously.

2. When Rachel totally called him out after they had sex.


3. When Phoebe and Rachel got their sweet revenge, Unagi-style.

4. When Chandler couldn’t help but make fun of his fake tan.

5. When Phoebe dissed his three divorces in the best way possible.

6. When Monica subtly but brilliantly threw shade at him.

7. And when Chandler lost his patience when they moved Ross’ couch.

8. When Phoebe royally burned Ross the only way she knew how.

9. When Rachel made fun of the importance of his PhD.

10. When Phoebe stood her ground when brainstorming names for her brother’s triplets.

11. When Chandler insulted Ross for wearing his very tight leather pants.


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