‘The Big Bang Theory’ Star Mayim Bialik Was Rejected for This ‘Spider-Man’ Role

Mayim Bialik is a four-time Emmy nominated actor who was part of one of the highest-paid casts in TV history when she starred on The Big Bang Theory. But like anyone else in show business, she’s faced her share of failed auditions.

In a recent interview, Bialik opened up about her desire to appear in a superhero film. And she revealed how she was rejected for a specific Spider-Man role.

Mayim Bialik
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Mayim Bialik auditioned for a ‘Spider-Man’ movie

Bialik is a huge comic book hero fan. And she recently shared her deep desire to someday appear in a Marvel or DC film. And without mentioning which one she auditioned for, Bialik revealed that she tried out for the part of a school teacher in a Spider-Man movie.

“I’ve tried very hard and I’d like to believe that one day it might happen,” she told Insider. “I did audition to play the teacher in one of the Spider-Man [movies], but I didn’t get it — I’m past the young ingenue character, but I still think there might be a place for me. I’m a huge Marvel and DC person, but obviously, DC is my Warner Bros. family. I’m pretty partial to that.”

Bialik didn’t disclose when she auditioned for the role — before or after her successful run on The Big Bang Theory. But, Spider-Man: No Way Home is still in production. So if the Marvel/Sony heads want to consider giving this award-winning actor a chance, they could easily fit her in for a cameo.

Mayim Bialik voiced a Marvel superhero in 2014

Bialik may not have gotten the Spider-Man role she was hoping for. But she did once portray a Marvel superhero.

In the 2014 animated film Stan Lee’s Mighty 7, Bialik voiced Lady Lightning, a hero with super-speed. The movie also starred Stan Lee, Christian Slater, Armie Hammer, Teri Hatcher, Jim Belushi, Daren Criss, Flea, Michael Ironside, and Sean Astin.

Stan Lee’s Mighty 7 originally aired on the Hub Network. It is currently available as a digital rental/purchase on Amazon Prime Video.

She was also part of a DC project

While navigating her successful acting career, Bialik also managed to earn a P.h.D in Neuroscience from UCLA. And she used her passion for science and interest in comics to create a project for DC.

In 2020, Bialik and DC released Flash Facts, a middle-school level science book that features superheroes like the Flash, Supergirl, and Cyborg exploring various STEM subjects.

“It always and forever will be important for children to understand science as a concept, especially as the fastest-growing fields are those requiring a science, technology, engineering, and math background,” Bialik told People.

“We’re learning more and more that the way that we present information sometimes is the difference between a child being interested or not,” she added. “This format, this way that we present the color of stories and characters, I think is a really important way to present this information. It’s that appeal that makes it really a standout book.”

Flash Facts is available at most major book retailers.

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