The Big Bang Theory: 10 Best Penny & Sheldon Moments

The Big Bang Theory had many great relationships in its 12 season run. But few are as beloved and hilarious as Dr. Sheldon Cooper and Penny.

Over the course of its truly historic twelve season run, the hit CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory introduced many unique, hilarious, and beloved relationships, whether romantic, platonic, or familial. But one of the first relationships introduced in the series is one that has resonated with fans even after the series’ conclusion, regardless of whether they enjoyed their friendship or hoped for more between them.

We’re talking, of course, about the dynamic duo known as Shenny – the pairing of genius theoretical physicist Dr. Sheldon Cooper with quaint Cheesecake Factory waitress slash aspiring actress slash pharmaceutical sales representative Penny. For twelve years, these two were one of the most consistently entertaining aspects of the series, as they navigated the waters between enemies and friends to become something truly unique and special. Here, we take a look back at their ten most memorable moments.


Penny helps Sheldon pick out a suit

Though he may be a genius in many ways, Sheldon has never been particularly fashionably inclined or knowledgeable. That’s where Penny comes in. In the third season episode “The Pants Alternative,” Sheldon is to receive the Chancellor’s Award for Science. Penny takes him shopping for a new suit to celebrate the occasion.

What results is a truly hilarious and adorable montage of Sheldon trying on various suits that are absolutely offensive to the eyes, including a ridiculous checker patterned one, a sequined turquoise suit complete with bolo tie, and a white tuxedo. In the end, Sheldon settles on a simple black suit, and Penny’s stunned gleeful reaction makes it all worth it.

Sea shanties and Penny blossoms

Though Sheldon and Penny spend plenty of time at odds in the series’ earliest seasons, the second season episode “The Work Song Nanocluster” proves just what a great team these two can be, too. After Penny’s business – creating hair clips called Penny Blossoms – goes viral over night, Sheldon teams up with her to produce the cute accessories as quickly as possible.

His solution to maximizing their production time? Assembly line style production, complete with the singing of sea shanties and work songs. The duo are absolutely adorable in their duet and their commitment to creating the best Penny Blossoms they can.

Penny sings Sheldon “Soft Kitty”

In the first season episode “The Pancake Batter Anomaly,” Sheldon comes down with a cold and quickly learns just how little patience his friends can have for him. All of them except for Penny, that is. Tasked with playing doctor to the physicist, Penny brings Sheldon home and puts him in bed, then finds herself with an unusual request.

The sickly Sheldon asks Penny to serenade him with his favorite childhood lullaby, “Soft Kitty,” since that’s his go to comfort for when he’s sick. Penny is clearly perplexed, but soon lovingly obliges, proving that she’s one of the only people willing to deal with him when he’s at his most difficult.

“Your Ken can kiss my Barbie.”

As we’ve already established, Sheldon and Penny spent quite a bit of time in the frenemy territory. But there’s one episode in particular in which these two were definitely more enemies than anything else: the memorable second season episode, “The Panty Pinata Polarization.”

After Penny receives her third strike from Sheldon, she is banned from setting foot in the apartment. What follows is a war of the wills between the two of them, including strategic prank attacks like Penny taking all of the machines in the laundry room on Sheldon’s specific night, and Sheldon hanging Penny’s undergarments out on the telephone wire. All of the back and forth leads this hilarious exchange.

The seventh season premiere

When Leonard goes off for a research job in the North Sea, the seventh season premiere allows for an opportunity for Sheldon and Penny to bond further in his absence. Given the unofficial duty of taking care of Penny in her boyfriend’s absence, Sheldon goes to lengths to try and understand Penny’s feelings and vulnerable state, even if it’s far beyond his comfort zone and understanding.

He even offers her a hot beverage during one of their signature bickering moments, and though the two wind up getting into an argument, it ends in a meaningful way. Sheldon shows his truly emotional side to Penny for one of the first times, leading to one of the more meaningful hugs between the unlikely duo.

The 200th episode

Few series these days are able to reach the esteemed 200th episode mark. Even fewer of them use that momentous occasion as an opportunity to pay tribute to one of their most beloved, but long ignored dynamics. But that’s exactly what The Big Bang Theory did in their 200th episode, “The Celebration Experimentation.”

After Sheldon becomes overwhelmed during his birthday party and secludes himself in the apartment bathroom, Penny is the one who goes to him and is able to get through to him. Furthermore, she reflects on the fact that, a long time ago, the girl she was would never have been friends with someone like him. But knowing Sheldon, and being his friend, has made her a better person.

Penny sings Sheldon “Soft Kitty” again

In the second season episode “The Vegas Renormalization,” Sheldon is locked out of his apartment while Leonard is away and winds up taking refuge in Penny’s place. She is generous enough to give him her bedroom, but at the end of the night, Sheldon still feels homesick for his own apartment, even though it’s just across the hall.

He pleads with Penny for her to sing him his favorite “Soft Kitty” song, even though he may not technically be sick. Penny lovingly obliges, leading to a sweet moment in which Sheldon thanks her for allowing him to stay over, and a clearly touched Penny calling him sweetie.

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