Big Bang Theory: 10 Hilarious Raj Memes That Are Too Funny

Raj was a core cast member of the hit sitcom series The Big Bang Theory, and these 10 memes remind us of just how funny he was!

At a time when diversity wasn’t as much of a talked-about issue, The Big Bang Theory went out and became a trailblazer sitcom by having Raj as a main character. He ended up being superb regardless of his ethnicity, though, as Raj’s sensitive personality brought him a number of fans who empathized with his situation.

However, the kind of mannerisms he had won’t ever go without memes being birthed to reference Raj and his antics, and he’s got a select few that sum up his character very well. Since The Big Bang Theory won’t be returning, let’s all remember Raj Koothrappali by indulging in the following memes.


Winning In Life

The actor has pulled off playing the character so well that there are fans who actually feel bad for him, thinking he really can’t talk to women. Well, you can take your pity party somewhere else because he’s, in fact, married to a former Miss India!

Within the show, Raj could never bring himself to talk to any woman regardless of her background, yet the actor can clearly hold a conversation with one of the most attractive women out there. Then again, maybe Raj did have a future with Sarah Michelle Gellar, as playfully teased in the show’s finale, so who knows?

Sad Wordplay

We saw on more than half a dozen occasions the sight of a disheveled and lonely Raj, who was despondent over being the only friend left who didn’t have a love interest. Whenever he happened upon this realization, Raj would take to stop caring about his appearance.

It might be a little mean on him, but Koothrappali was certainly very “Uncouth-rappali” during these times. Maybe if someone had made this pun to him in the show’s universe, Raj might have seen the humor in it and cleaned himself up.

That Confidence

While his attempts at being a ladies man weren’t as striking as Howard’s were, on the other end of his terminal fear of women was a confident animal that reared its head when intoxicated. This version of Raj would be the complete opposite of his usual demeanor, although the result would be the same as this confident version would scare women off as well.

It’s easy to see why too, considering Raj would adopt a cocky mannerism where he wouldn’t break eye contact for more than a second and become pushy to the point where you’d just want to run away. Still, we’d be lying if we said we hadn’t missed seeing him like this in later seasons of the series.

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