You Won’t Believe Which ‘FRIENDS’ Star Is The Glue of the Cast Friendship

Friends is one of the most nostalgic TV shows for people who entered their adulthood alongside the cast of roomies navigating the ups and downs of life in the big city. It enjoyed a long run (especially for a sitcom), went on to a long life in syndication, and is still enjoying a fanatic viewership on streaming platforms.

The cast of
“Friends” cast: Matthew Perry, Matt Le Blanc, David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, and Courteney Cox | David Bjerke/NBCU Photo Bank

What made the show so powerful for so many? Many fans credit the amazing chemistry of the cast — and it turns out that the friendships weren’t just turned on for the job.


Even though the show has been off the air since 2004, the cast members remain close friends, and one member, in particular, is the glue that holds them all together.

‘Friends’ managed to avoid the feuds

It’s not uncommon to find out that actors who are forced to play nice when the cameras are rolling are actually at each other’s throats as soon as they finish their lines. Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker famously feuded on the set of Sex and the City. Rumor has it that the two didn’t even speak when they were on set.

Even costars with sizzling romantic chemistry can find each other unbearable in real life. Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio couldn’t get along between scenes for Romeo and Juliet.

Perhaps with the long hours, the grueling demands of Hollywood, and the big egos in the room, it’s understandable that actors might get in each other’s way, but that was never the case for the friends of Friends. Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, and Courtney Cox (who played Phoebe, Rachel, and Monica, respectively) all dreaded the end of the show because of how close they had become.

The men on the set, too, got along exceptionally well. Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer, and Matthew Perry (or Joey, Ross, and Chandler on the show) weren’t faking their on-screen friendships.

The cast of ‘Friends’ has stayed close since the show ended

The stars of the show have each gone off to their own projects. Cox has remained active in acting and had success with Cougar Town. Perry had several acting roles after Friends ended despite struggles with substance abuse. LeBlanc has continued to act as well and even got his own short-lived Friends spin-off. Kudrow has continued to take on quirky characters in several film and TV roles. Schwimmer has appeared in both comedies and dramas since his time on the show. Aniston, who has perhaps had the most headline-worthy career following Friends, has seen a lot of success with comedy films and endorsement deals.

No matter how busy they’ve been, though, they’ve managed to make time for each other. Members of the cast are frequently spotted together, and whenever rumors of a reunion inevitably bubble up, several of the former cast members are quick to voice their support for a chance to work together again.

One ‘Friends’ member has kept them all connected

While the friendships between them seem genuinely solid, there is one member who does a lot of work to make sure that the former castmates stay connected. Even if she might not be a huge fan of their group text thread, Cox seems to be the glue that keeps the whole crew together.

Earlier this month, Cox was spotted out and about with Aniston and LeBlanc. Kudrow and Aniston were both present for Cox’s 55th birthday, and the trio also had a girls’ night out in June. Cox was there to celebrate Aniston’s birthday in February, and she also joined Instagram this year with a post of her and Kudrow seated with Ellen DeGeneres.

While all of the Friends cast members appear to have done the work to keep their real-life friendships alive, it appears that Cox is the connection that helps to tie a lot of their relationships together.

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