Friend’s Star Matthew Perry Was Danny Bonaduce’s Post-Rehab Driver – ‘He Gave up a Month of His Life’

Friends star Matthew Perry gave up a “month of his life” to devote his time to driving Partridge star Danny Bonaduce to appointments post-rehab.

In a new interview, Bonaduce recalled the quiet pact he made with Perry as he was entering rehab for drug addiction, while Perry was graduating. Bonaduce didn’t know Perry at the time, but Perry made a point to be there for Bonaduce when he was ready to leave rehab.


Matthew Perry sacrificed a month to help Danny Bonaduce

Bonaduce recalled a conversation he had with Perry. “So I’m going in, he’s coming out and he goes and talks to somebody and he comes back,” he recalled on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast.

Matthew Perry and Danny Bonaduce shake hands on stage as Bonaduce holds a microphone
Matthew Perry and Danny Bonaduce |M. Caulfield/WireImage for Fusion PR _LA

“He said, ‘Come here, get in the car.’ You know, I thought, I could probably take this guy like how weird is it going to be,” Bonaduce continued. “And he goes ‘Listen for the next 30 days, I’m your driver. If you have an appointment with your lawyer or the courts or anything, I’ll take you.’ And he did.”

“So whenever you hear about that guy, he gave up a month of his life, to, you know, drive me around town, legal matters, psychiatric things. You know, he’s a good guy just here.”

He wasn’t going to return to ‘Friends’?

Bonaduce also talked to Perry about the massive fortune he built from being on Friends. He recalled Perry telling him he didn’t see any point in returning to the series for the final season. “I was talking to Matthew Perry. And you could tell it was important to him, and he said I can’t believe it. You know, like I, wasn’t going to show up at the set. And I was mad at Julia Roberts and I threw up at the Academy Awards, but you know, I have an extra 170 million dollars.”

“At some point, where does it go? What? It goes into my pockets. That’s where it should go, $170 million for a hack actor. Although I happen to think he was the most talented one on the show.”

“And then the last season of Friends, he said I just can’t do it. I’m not going to do it. But he had already done it. This was a tale in retrospect, he had already done it, but why should that guy have $170 million? That seems crazy. And I look up net worths all the time. It’s my hobby.”

Danny Bonaduce reveals why Julia Roberts was mad

Perry and Julia Roberts dated after she appeared in an episode of Friends. “They were boyfriend and girlfriend for a while,” Bonaduce recalled. “And I bet you she caught on that he’s always going to be high and drunk and she didn’t like it. So he had this big fight with her, a long time before rehab.”

“He’s telling me the story in the same rehab that he did this,” he recalled. “And he looks and like there’s Julia Roberts hosting the Academy Awards. And he says with white crap in the quarters of his mouth, he says ‘I’ll take you back’. Good story right there. Like what is it worth to you to have what you want?”

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