‘Bob Hearts Abishola’: Which ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Cast Members Star in the Show?

Several fan-favorite sitcoms live on CBS. How I Met Your Mother, The Neighborhood, and Ghosts all hail from the channel. Unsurprisingly, actors and crew often crossover from one show to another. Bob Hearts Abishola shares several cast members with the runaway hit The Big Bang Theory, including Chuck Lorre as the series’ creator.

Maribeth Monroe as Christina from
Maribeth Monroe as Christina | Michael Yarish/CBS via Getty Images

Maribeth Monroe played a hilarious crow biologist

Actor Maribeth Monroe (The Good Place) played very different roles on The Big Bang Theory and Bob Hearts Abishola. However, both appearances provided major laughs.


The Big Bang Theory’s Caltech hosted jobs for several doctors and scientists. One biologist, Dr. Lee, studied crows and their ‘vengeful’ behavior. In the season 12 episode “The Grant Allocation Derivation,” she tried appealing to Leonard for the grant money.

However, when he denied her request, Dr. Lee’s crows found Leonard and Sheldon as they left work. Of course, Sheldon left Leonard to deal with the crow himself.

In Bob Hearts Abishola, Monroe plays Bob’s sister, Christina. Unlike Dr. Lee, Monroe’s Christina comes off as much more of a slacker in the early season with Matt Jones’ Douglas. As the younger sister to Billy Gardell‘s Bob, she tries to find her way in the world. She used to be married, but that ended when she stabbed him in the butt with a steak knife.

Vernee Watson-Johnson starred in both ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and ‘Bob Hearts Abishola’ as a nurse

Vernee Watson-Johnson has played a nurse as part of The Big Bang Theory and Bob Hearts Abishola’s cast and several other sitcoms.

She appeared as Nurse Athena. Surprisingly, she is the only character apart from Leonard and Sheldon to have carried over from the original pilot episode.

Throughout the series, she appeared in several medical roles. She was even present when Melissa Rauch’s Burnadette gave birth to Halley.

In Bob Hearts Abishola, she plays one of Abishola’s best friends, Gloria. Though she plays a nurse again, the actor’s sass and attitude get more time to shine.

‘The Big Bang Theory’ and ‘Bob Hearts Abishola’ share more cast and crew than creator Chuck Lorre

While the actors remain the easiest to recognize from one show to another, The Big Bang Theory and Bob Hearts Abishola share several writers and directors.

The biggest contributor is the creator of both shows, Chuck Lorre.

The Big Bang Theory involved Lorre in some capacity for nearly the entire 12 season run. The show credits him for crafting the story for 122 episodes from 2007 to 2019. Bob Hearts Abishola has not run as long, but Lorre still contributed over 20 stories for the romcom.

IMDb lists that Eddie Gorodetsky earned a creator credit for Bob Hearts Abishola as well. The show credited him as consulting producer or co-executive producer for 75 episodes of The Big Bang Theory. Kristy Cecil has directed and produced several episodes of both shows

Marla DuMont and David Goetsch received credit as producers or assistant producers and writers on The Big Bang Theory and Bob Hearts Abishola.

Chuck Lorre’s daughter, Nikki Lorre, served as a director or assistant director for over 150 episodes of The Big Bang Theory. She directed the Bob Hearts Abishola episode “Straight Out of Lagos.”

With several cast and crew returning from The Big Bang Theory for Bob Hearts Abishola, the show looks to be in good hands. If the CBS romcom goes on for as long as The Big Bang Theory, more actors, writers, and directors can bring their own experience to the newer show.

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